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Week 30 – TBT 2017 – Mrs Robinson

It’s not lost on me that I seem to like cover versions of classic songs, and this is no different. The Simon and Garfunkel version is brilliant, and very of its time, whereas this version by The Lemonheads (what a great band name by the way) is marginally better I think. 

The difference – as if you’ve not guessed – is the bassline. It’s got a really nice hook which was played on guitar on the original but just sounds great here. I’m guessing that it’s played with a pick (plectrum) rather than with fingers.

Watching the video triggered a couple of thoughts:

  1. At one point, Dustin Hoffman is wearing shades and driving a red convertible. Is it just me, or was it a combo that Tom Cruise was seen in during Rainman, which also starred … Dustin Hoffman?
  2. Towards the end, in the church scene, I could almost hear Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) shouting “Cassandra” – guess I’ve watched Wayne’s World 2 too often, as this song was on the soundtrack.

I’ve wanted to play this in a band for a long time, and hopefully one day I’ll get my wish…

Lemonheads – Mrs Robinson


Week 6 – TBT 2017 – Ballroom Blitz

What can I say? My first favourite band was The Sweet, probably cos I heard this or Teenage Rampage on Top Of The Pops many, many, many years ago! The song has reappeared and been done by various groups, most notably Crucial Taunt in Wayne’s World. It’s long been an ambition of mine to play this, but I’ve not yet had the opportunity. Glam rock at its best! 

Ballroom Blitz – The Sweet