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Week 21 – TBT 2017 – I Love Rock And Roll

Who doesnt love this track?  Very simple, very understated, yet with a catchy guitar riff and powering drums.  I know that Joan Jett didn’t do the original of this, but it’s still pretty cool. I have the picture disc album from Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, though I havent listened to it in many years.  

My current band play this, and it’s a lot of fun. Best of all? I don’t have to sing it!  

Did you know that Joan Jett was in a band called The Runaways, with Michael Steele (bassist in The Bangles) and Lisa Ford? Thats something I love about music, the way that bands are interconnected. Maybe one day I’ll write about that…

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – I Love Rock And Roll

Week 20 – TBT 2017 – Waking Up

If you were to hear the intro to this song for the first time, I’m guessing that you’d think it was The Stranglers playing No More Heroes. There are more than just a few similarities, there was a legal case based on plagiarism between The Stranglers and this band, Elastica, and the four members of The Stranglers now appear on the credits for this song. 

Back in the 90s at the height of Britpop, there was urgency in guitar based bands, and Elastica was one of them. I liked their sound, and I liked their vocals. I think this is the only one of their tracks that sounds like The Stranglers (or any other band for that matter), and it retains a certain freshness. Enjoy! 

Elastica – Waking Up

Week 19 – TBT 2017 – 7 Seconds

After last week’s Neneh Cherry special, I remembered that I loved this song too. It’s years since I’ve heard it, but it hasn’t diminished in that time. I don’t understand the lyrics other than those in English, but there’s some great alliteration in the French part I think. 

The sentiments in the song are very strong and pertinent today, particularly the anti racist ones. We should bear these in mind always. 

Youssou N’Dour featuring Neneh Cherry – 7 Seconds

Week 18 – TBT 2017 – Buffalo Stance

Guilty pleasure time! I’ve included this just because I like it. I can’t remember where I was or when it was that I first heard this, and it’s not the sort of thing I typically listened to back in the day (and probably still don’t), but for some reason I enjoy the song. I like the sound of the lyrics, the flow of them, and I guess that’s what matters. I also like the spoken lyrics in the middle, for some reason. Saying that, I’ve no idea what half of them mean…

You can tell it’s an 80s track by the little bells that are going throughout, and maybe they’re one of the things that make the song: I don’t know. What do you think? 

Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance

Week 16 – TBT 2017 – Ziggy Stardust

Another cover version this week, and again it’s one I heard long before the original (by David Bowie). Bauhaus were probably the biggest Goth band of their time, and I was a pretty big fan. I got into them about the time that they split up, and beat myself up for years that I’d missed seeing them live. Then, joy of joys, they announced a runion tour and I had my chance – which I took. 

Brixton Academy was the venue – a legendary place in its own right – and on the appointed evening the place was full of people sressed in black, leather, fishnets, heavy make up – and the women wore much the same! I hate to think how much gel and hairspray was used just that night! 

I can’t remember who the support act were, but I do know that the gig was all I’d hoped for. The music was awesome, and the place was buzzing. So, with that little trip down memory lane, I commend this tune to you. Enjoy! 

Bauhaus – Ziggy Stardust

Week 15 – TBT 2017 – Smooth Criminal

I think this is one cover version of a song which far surpasses the original. It doesn’t sound massively different, though it does have additional swagger, and there are so many references to Michael Jackson in the video.  I guess that each version means something different to each generation, but I think that this rockier version from Alien Ant Farm may prove to be more enduring than Jacko’s version. 

It’s a lot of fun to play this on bass – perhaps one reason why I like it – but I also enjoy the video. The band appear to be having fun making it: not many will have had the chance to appear alongside a chimpanzee. Their follow up single, Movies, had a great video too – check it out! 

Smooth Criminal – Alient Ant Farm

Week 14 – TBT 2017 – Ramble On

I heard that a few years ago Classic Rock magazine polled its readers to find out who they considered to be the best rock singer, guitarist, bassist and drummer of all time. When the votes were cast, it turned out that the band that was created already had a name – Led Zeppelin. 

I must confess that I hadn’t listened to them much before my 40s, to the extent that I’d heard Rolf Harris’ version of Stairway to Heaven long before I heard the original. That seems barely credible to me, but it’s true, 

I found a list of Top 40 bass lines ever, and of all the many possibles, this song was the Led Zeppelin one that made the list. And what a track it is! The bass burbles away in the background, while the lyrics include reference to Lord of the Rings. I’ve addded this to my bucket list of songs to be able to play, and from time to time I return to it. It’s getting easier to play parts of it, but I’ve not managed the whole thing at full speed. I know I’ll get there though, it’s just going to take time.

Ramble On – Led Zeppelin