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You earn how much? – Image #141

Today there was yet another story of a footballer being transferred for over £70 million. An 18 year old in the premiership was given a pay rise to £20k a week.  These are of course for players at the peak of their careers, with the top teams, and those players in lower leagues don’t earn as much.


I know that these guys have a relatively short career, 15 years or so at the most, and that the argument is that they have to earn enough to live on after their careers are over, but it strikes me that these are incredibly obscene sums of money.  They don’t spend all day training, and there is a fair amount of free time.  Many players take their coaching badges, some do degrees or other kinds of study, but do you know what I’d like to see?

Here’s a radical idea for those being paid obscene amounts: why don’t you donate the majority of your wages to charity or some other good cause, just for a year? Keep £2k after tax every month and give the rest away.

And football clubs?  Rather than pocket that £75 million for one player, plough that all back into your community, into food banks, services for the homeless,  services for victims of domestic violence: do something tangible for those who live around you.

I know it’s not that straightforward, and that some players start their own charities, foundations, whatever, but what would the world look like if all players in the top leagues in every country did as I’ve suggested for a year?   What would the local communities look like?  And what would happen if the clubs did the same with the fees from one player this summer?


Spread your wings – Image #140


Dee and I have been away for the weekend at a friend’s wedding, and have had some time to spare. We spent the morning of the wedding at a bird of prey centre, where they have over 70 birds.

We arrived just as they were opening and a number of the staff were cleaning the areas where the birds have been roosting and generally getting the place ready for us visitors.  Once the cleaning was done, some of the staff picked up various birds and chatted to us about them. In some cases we had the opportunity to hold the birds (obviously while wearing a leather gauntlet) and even to stroke them. The picture for today is a Golden Eagle chick, which is not yet 6 months old, and which I feel very privileged to have been able to touch: give it a few months and her beak will be too strong.

Dee and I talked about it later, and were discussing the pros and cons of having these birds either in aviaries or kept tethered permanently so they couldn’t fly anywhere, even though it was obvious they were well cared for and well treated.  Some were on endangered lists from around the world, but others weren’t.  Is it right that the unthreatened birds should be kept tethered?  We understand the role that conservation and education has to play, but is it the right course of action? I know some who would say no, and some who would say yes: I’m unsure!

All aboard! Image #139

I’ve been away at a conference over the past few days, and am just catching up on life, including my “daily” posts.  Apologies that these have fallen by the wayside somewhat in recent weeks, but I reckon a new job and moving house are a reasonable excuse!

Anyhow, I went out for dinner in a pizza restaurant for a well known chain here in the UK (no, I don’t know why I’ve not just named them either) and noticed some rather fetching art, which included this:


In case I’ve not mentioned it, Liverpool FC are my favourite football team, and the conference happened to be in Liverpool. Given my Scandinavian heritage, Dee has called me “the Viking” for several years.  The image for today therefore seemed incredibly apt.

Is there any artwork that “speaks” to you in a similar way?  If so – what and how?

A blast from the … Future? – Image #138

On my way back home today I stopped at the motorway services for a comfort break.  As I was leaving, I noticed not one but THREE Deloreans all parked next to each other, all with both doors and bonnet wide open.  Unfortunately, I was driving and had no passenger with me so couldn’t get a photo, so you’ll have to make do with this.


Had I just missed Marty and Doc filming episode 4? I don’t think so!

It all seemed a bit unreal to be honest.  The closest I can think of to anything remotely as unusual was a few weeks back when Dee’s son and I were driving into town and we saw someone pushing a full size Dalek along the pavement, heading in the opposite direction to us.  To this day I’ve no idea what that was all about!  Have you had any similarly surreal experiences?

Big weekend – Image #137

It’s been a busy weekend, as it’s my last as a homeowner in the town I’ve lived for the last 19 years or more. That’s the longest I’ve ever lived in one town – county even – and it all comes to an end on Thursday when I hand the keys over to new owners.

It’s interesting that I don’t feel sad about it. I’m not nostalgic or dwelling on the past. The only emotional moment I’ve had came yesterday, when clearing stuff out of the garage. In a drawer I came across the leads, collars, and vet’s records for two dogs I used to own which died a few years ago. I could still smell them both as soon as the drawer opened, and that set off the waterworks for me. I know I don’t need those things, but they’re still coming with me to my new place, as are their ashes which are safely packed away.

I don’t seem to have put down very deep roots in that town: I have very few friends there and am sure I’ll keep in touch with them: I’ll only be an hour away.

I am shattered though. I didn’t think I had that much to do, but emptying the loft and sorting stuff out into what’ll be kept, what’s going to charity shops and what is going to the top has all taken time. I know I should have started packing etc much earlier, but I’m a last minute kind of guy.

I’m very excited about what the future holds in store for Dee and I when we get our first place together in a couple of months (it’s being built and isn’t ready yet).

How bad things can start – Image #136

Dee recently published a great article over on Helping You Sparkle, and for today’s post I’d just ask you to head over there and have a read.

I’ll warn you now, it’s about Domestic Abuse, how it can start and the effect it can have. Punches don’t have to be thrown for someone to end up in hospital. Please take the time to read it, share it, and together let’s try to do something to stop the perpetrators.


It can be seen from the image that this sort of behaviour can be cyclical, but what it doesn’t show is that it also escalates. First it may be verbal abuse, then it might be a push or a nudge, then it might be a “playful” slap, and before you know it punches and kicks, weapons etc. Once the escalation starts it’s unlikely to ever go back to a lesser level. The perpetrators rarely see their behaviour as wrong, and certainly don’t think of themselves as abusers.

A true hero – Image #135


Does the name Nicholas Winton mean anything to you? Chances are it doesn’t, but it should.  He played a huge part in helping hundreds of Jewish children escape from Germany and almost certain death more than 70 years ago by arranging what became known as the kindertransport. There’s been a memorial service to him today in London, attended by some of those he saved.  He didn’t see what he did as heroic or special, but I think it was. He should be an inspiration to all.