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Just launched – security podcasts

As some of you may know, I work in Information / Cyber Security, and I run a separate website for cyber related posts. It’s called EasyCyber, and my goal is to explain cyber and related security in simple terms. Cyber affects every single one of us – you couldn’t read this message without it – so is something we all need to be aware of.

To try to make the topic even easier to understand, I’ve launched a series of podcasts so please head over and check them out.  I know that for many it’s not the most exciting of topics, but hopefully I can help change your perception of that.

Here’s the first one, subscribe to the site for free and follow me there for more simple, practical and free help.

EasyCyber – Episode 1


New Security Blog – Image #122


As I’ve mentioned before, I will shortly be starting a new job. I’ve decided to make use of the free time before I start to set up a more professional web presence, which includes a new Twitter account and a new blog site. If you’re interested in Information Security matters and want to know more, but get confused by all the jargon being used these days, please check out https://easycyber.net and follow it.

SPOILER ALERT – I’ve copied some of the posts from this site to the new one, just to get things started lol. There will be lots more to come over time.

Personal development – Image #66

I know, two posts in a matter of hours is probably not great, but I skipped yesterday’s so I’m playing catch up.  This is Image 66 of 366 which I plan to post this year, one for each day.


I was browsing the Groupon site yesterday, probably for the first time ever, and was looking at online training courses.  I was surprised to find a really good deal on some IT security courses.  Some of them I’ve already done, but there’s enough material on the ones I haven’t done to give me loads of Continuing Personal Development (CPD) points for the qualifications I have already.

I’m particularly pleased that I’ll be able to run through the course material for a certificate that I’d like to go for, at my own leisure, and at a fraction of the cost of a course which I’ll have to attend.  It’s going to be really interesting, and will hopefully give me some additional skills and knowledge to help me professionally.  Every little bit helps, right?

Is it really a scary world out there?

As some of you may know, I work in information security (also called IT-, cyber- or data-security) and as a result I get to hear about all sorts of interesting goings on. There are a fair few which fall into the “you couldn’t make it up” category, but others are just beyond any “normal” person’s experience – at least, they’re not something you’re generally aware of.

Two of the topics which I don’t get involved in are covered in books by Misha Glenny, and I think they’re a really interesting read, even for those who don’t work in that area.

Dark Market focuses on the world of credit card fraud, cloning and other related topics. It’s all about the people involved and the services offered, and the challenges which law enforcement globally has in tracking down and preventing such activities. Ok, so it gets a bit techie in places, but never to the extent that you can’t follow what’s going on.

McMafia is a fascinating insight into the comoditisation and industrialisation of various forms of criminal activity, from people smuggling to drug trafficking, from financial fraud to the impact of the fall of the USSR. As a journalist and former BBC Eastern Europe correspondent, there’s a lot of really interesting detail which is provided  and the links between these various activities are fascinating.

If you’re mildly curious about either of these areas, these are really good, well written books and well worth your time and attention.