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Week 11 – TBT 2017 – Johnny Was

Tomorrow night, St Patrick’s Day, I’ll be in Glasgow watching Stiff Little Fingers (SLF) play their 26th consecutive year at the same venue on the same night. I was there last year for their 25th, and am making the journey again this year as it’s part of their 40th Anniversary tour. It stands to reason that this week’s choice should be the first of their songs I ever heard, from the first album of theirs I ever heard: the band was 3 years old by then, and have been my favourite ever since. 

Johnny Was is actually a Bob Marley track, and this version comes from the live album Hanx! To my mind, this is probably still the best live album, by any band, ever. At the time I listened to it, I wanted to be a drummer. This track was the first on Side 2 of the cassette (remember them?), which I’d borrowed from a classmate as I was going to see this band at only my second ever gig. Turn the volume up, dim the lights, and see if you can figure out why a wannabe drummer would love this, and why a fully fledged bass player would still rank this as one of his favourite tracks ever. 

Johnny Was – Stiff Little Fingers


My experiences with stage fright

I started learning bass relatively late in life – I was nearly 40 – and it took a while before I was confident enough to look for a band to play with. I wasn’t really sure what sort of music I wanted to play, I just knew that all those hours of lessons and practice needed to be put to some use. But what would happen when I stepped onto a stage for the first time? I’d heard stories of people so badly struck down with nerves that they were physically sick – would that happen to me?
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