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Week 20 – TBT 2017 – Waking Up

If you were to hear the intro to this song for the first time, I’m guessing that you’d think it was The Stranglers playing No More Heroes. There are more than just a few similarities, there was a legal case based on plagiarism between The Stranglers and this band, Elastica, and the four members of The Stranglers now appear on the credits for this song. 

Back in the 90s at the height of Britpop, there was urgency in guitar based bands, and Elastica was one of them. I liked their sound, and I liked their vocals. I think this is the only one of their tracks that sounds like The Stranglers (or any other band for that matter), and it retains a certain freshness. Enjoy! 

Elastica – Waking Up