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Is it me or has it been a dry month? Image #31

So, January 31st is here and my quest to be a DryAthlete has been fulfilled 🙂


I’ve not had so much as a sip or sniff of alcohol since last year! I’m very proud of myself, as this is probably my longest dry spell in more than 30 years. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be, but then I guess that as I’d substantially cut back through 2015 maybe the challenge wasn’t quite so tough?

Chatting about it with Dee, my partner, we both agreed that it would be much more difficult for me to give up caffeine for a month, so maybe I’ll do that next year. Maybe not though – I can’t imagine a day without coffee let alone 31 of them!

Thanks to all those who have supported and sponsored me. I think it’ll be a few days yet before I have the first drink of 2016. I want to make it a drink and an event to be savoured!


Dryathlon – the half way point – Image #16

So, just over half way through a dry January, and things are going well I think.  It’s not proving particularly difficult, and I’m really pleased with myself.

If you’ve missed it, I’m fundraising for Cancer Research UK by not having alcohol for the month.  You can read about it – and sponsor me if you so wish (how subtle was that?) – here.

Here’s my latest progress, from the Change4Life app.  Happy Saturday everyone!



I’m a Dry Athlete!

Happy New Year to all my readers! It’s January 1st and most of us are making resolutions. One of mine is to do more to help others, so I thought I’d ask for your support in a bit of fundraising!

I’m taking part in a Dryathlon for Cancer Research. The task sounds easy – no alcohol for all of January – and I’m pretty sure I can do it. I know there’s never much spare change available after the festive season, but if you can spare just a little bit you’ll be helping support a very worthy charity. Just head over to this site and follow the prompts.

Many thanks in advance, and enjoy the rest of the holidays!