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Got time for a quick rant for Image #28?

Driving through town the other day, we happened to be heading past one of the retail parks on the outskirts. On one side there are lots of different stores from toys, shoes, sports and clothes, and on the other side of the road there are a couple of DIY stores and a food hall.

On both sides of the road there was a coffee place from a well known chain, and on one side there are some fast food restaurants.  And here’s the crux of today’s post.

It's spelled "Through"!
It’s spelled “Through”!

Why do they all have Drive Through lanes? (Oh, and sorry, but I can’t bring myself to spell it the way it appears in the image!) Not only does it appear that we don’t have time in our lives now to sit and enjoy a coffee without having to be somewhere else, but we can’t even be bothered to use three extra letters!

Maybe it’s because I’m doing a Mindful Meditation course, which teaches that being in the present moment is everything, or maybe I’m just getting (more) cynical and irritable as I approach 50, but come on people, really? You can’t stop, go into the cafe, and sit down for 10 minutes with your coffee? You can hardly drink it on the move can you? I wonder how many accidents are caused by hot liquid seeping out of the top of a coffee cup while driving? What’s so important in life that you can’t sit back, try to unwind and just be?

Take the time, breathe and relax. Give yourself a break, for your own sake!