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Week 16 – TBT 2017 – Ziggy Stardust

Another cover version this week, and again it’s one I heard long before the original (by David Bowie). Bauhaus were probably the biggest Goth band of their time, and I was a pretty big fan. I got into them about the time that they split up, and beat myself up for years that I’d missed seeing them live. Then, joy of joys, they announced a runion tour and I had my chance – which I took. 

Brixton Academy was the venue – a legendary place in its own right – and on the appointed evening the place was full of people sressed in black, leather, fishnets, heavy make up – and the women wore much the same! I hate to think how much gel and hairspray was used just that night! 

I can’t remember who the support act were, but I do know that the gig was all I’d hoped for. The music was awesome, and the place was buzzing. So, with that little trip down memory lane, I commend this tune to you. Enjoy! 

Bauhaus – Ziggy Stardust


Covers can make you happy – Image #93


It’s rare to come across new music or new genres, and it’s pretty common to find people doing all sorts of covers.  I wonder if your choice of versions is dependent on which version you hear first?

For example, David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and Marc Bolan’s Telegram Sam are both cracking tunes, but I prefer the versions Bauhaus did – I heard theirs first.  Much as I like The Bangles’ Hazy Shade of Winter and The Lemonheads’ version of Mrs Robinson, I don’t think either hold a candle to Simon and Garfunkel’s originals. Likewise, Dr & The Medics’ version of Spirit in the Sky was good but not quite up there with Norman Greenbaum’s original.

I think I’ve convinced myself: my favourite versions seem to always be the ones I hear first, whether they are the originals or not.  What about you?

Just as a side note (pardon the pun), I’ve talked in the past about how music can affect your mood and thought I’d share this item from a fellow blogger: Music Makes Me Happy. I do like the version of the song played, but probably prefer the original!