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Week 27 – TBT 2017 – Channel Z

I mentioned earlier this year that I love the vocals on songs by the B52s, and this is a brilliant example of them.  It’s not just the harmonies, but also the lyrics themselves that I like.  The words and topics on their songs always seem to me to be “out there”, not quite what you’d call “normal”. In this example, who would have thought to use an umbrella to protect themselves from space dust falling from the sky?  And where’s my umbrella anyway?

Their big breakthrough number the UK was Rock Lobster, and I pretty much got on board with their music then. Songs like Strobe Light and June Bug are just a load of fun, and of course Love Shack is now a classic.  I’m glad to include something a little less well known here.  

B52s – Channel Z


Week 3 – TBT 2017 – Shiny Happy People

I’m all caught up now I think, so time to get into the groove!  I saw R.E.M. on a TV show called The Tube here in the UK round about the time they released their first album, murmur.  I loved Radio Free Europe, but kind of fell out of love with them when they became really popular and trendy.  This song probably brought me back, but only because it had Kate Pierson from the B52s on vocals.  Her voice is brilliant for the song, and it’s just a very bouncy, jolly number.  Let’s boogie!  

Shiny Happy People – R.E.M.