Life hurts

A number of things have happened recently which have highlighted the fact that domestic abuse isn’t just physical – though unfortunately physical attacks appear to be on the increase.  Emotional / mental / psychological abuse can be just as damaging, though obviously not as visible.

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My experiences with stage fright

I started learning bass relatively late in life – I was nearly 40 – and it took a while before I was confident enough to look for a band to play with. I wasn’t really sure what sort of music I wanted to play, I just knew that all those hours of lessons and practice needed to be put to some use. But what would happen when I stepped onto a stage for the first time? I’d heard stories of people so badly struck down with nerves that they were physically sick – would that happen to me?
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Who are we to judge?

Last night while browsing the blogsphere, I happened across an article that made me stop and think, for a long time. On the surface it’s all about judgement and people’s opinions, but dig a little deeper and it’s so much more.  Continue reading Who are we to judge?

Norway in a Nutshell – Part 2 of 2

So, having scaled the highest peak in Europe north of the Alps, what could be next, and what could top that? I had a couple of ideas which I hoped my friends would appreciate, and which I thought might keep excitement levels on a high. Continue reading Norway in a Nutshell – Part 2 of 2

The guy that speaks his mind

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