Thank you to the heroes and heroines among us

Three “successful” terrorist attacks in the last couple of months here in the UK have led to an apparent upswing in extremist views. I’m not talking just about those who want to try to wreck Britain and our society, but also those who think that deportation is the answer. (The thing is, quite a few of the perpetrators have been born and brought up in the UK, so where would you deport them to?) There have also apparently been five terrorist attacks over the same period which government agencies foiled.  

I’m not going to write about the perpetrators, or about those who are pushing for a Trumpesque travel ban or blocking of immigration (again, if the perpetrators are born and brought up in this country, how would those bans work?)

What I’d like to do today is to pay tribute to the emergency services and others who ran towards danger rather than away from it. Over the years, the police in particular have come in for a huge amount of criticism. They’re “too heavy handed”, or “not well enough trained”, or “shouldn’t be using things like tasers”.

On Saturday night, it took them just 8 minutes from the first call for help to having shot and killed the three attackers. Those attackers were attacking and stabbing indiscriminately, targeting anyone who they found nearby.  (It also took the ambulance service just 6 minutes to arrive on scene, when they wouldn’t know what was happening or who was attacking who.) They are all heroes, and I want to take this opportunity to thank them and say what a wonderful job they do for us.  

I’d also like to extend my thanks and appreciation to those civilians who confronted the terrorists, tried to lure them away from other victims. We’ve heard stories of people throwing glasses, bottles, crates etc, or of hiding other people in their places of work.  

To me, that is remarkable bravery, a totally selfless act: it is simply awesome.  These people are literally putting their lives on the line for complete strangers.  They are all heroes and heroines, and we owe them our thanks. 


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