Thoughts on a monster

May 6 1966. The day Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, the Moors Murderers, were jailed for life. It also happens to be the day I was born. Hindley died in 2002, and today we learn that Brady has died. 

It’s hard to comprehend that today is the first day of my life that he is not in prison.

He was force fed through a series of hunger strikes, starting in the 1990s. He wanted to die, but the courts ruled that he was mentally ill and was therefore not able to make that kind of decision rationally. 

Neither Brady or Hindley ever disclosed the location of the body of one of their victims, Keith Bennett. Keith’s mother died in 2012, having been unable to bury her son, still not knowing where he rests. It’s probably a vain hope, but I do hope that Brady has left directions to that little boy’s unmarked grave, written down somewhere. 

To me, this is the important piece. Brady may be gone, but the families of their victims will continue to suffer, as they have done for longer than I have been on the Earth. I can’t even begin to think how that must feel. I hope they can find peace now, even Keith Bennett’s family. My thoughts are with them. 


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