Calling all step and half relatives

A while back I posted about becoming an Instant Dad, and earlier this week I saw an image that summed things up pretty well for me:


As well as Dee’s children, my ex had a daughter (I’ll call her S) long before the ex and I met, but who I always thought of as my own.  We didn’t see much of S (I won’t go into why at the moment – that’s a whole different story) while I was married.  I’m extremely happy to say that we’re in much more regular contact now, and she’s recently said some incredibly touching things about our relationship: I hope I’ve managed to do the same, to show her what she means to me.

Anyhow, she and Dee’s daughter have been in touch through social media, and seem to get on really well. S had asked us what her relationship was to E, as technically they’re not related by blood: I guess the “formal” answer would be “step-sisters”. The way Dee and I look at it is that they’re simply sisters, and that’s what we’ve told them. In fact, when E called earlier today, Dee said it was “daughter the younger” on the phone.

Family is family: it doesn’t take shared blood or genes or genetics to make it so.  It takes love, respect, kindness and care: those are things we all have for each other, and that’s what counts.  The point is, blood may be thicker than water, but love, acceptance and understanding is thicker than blood.


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