Setting the scene

I spent a portion of my lunch break today sitting outside the office, just watching the world go by.

At the time, the sky was overcast with sunny spells.  There were some patches of blue amongst the clouds, which seemed to transform from grey to white and back in a random jumble.

The air was full of “fairies”, the heads of dandelions and thistles, floating on the wind.  They get everywhere, even invading the office when the door is opened, and as it was quite warm the windows were open too – and in they came.

I should start by saying that my office today was on a small business park, one of several single story buildings set between a little man made pond and a field full of solar panels, surrounded by thistles and other flowering plants.  The business park can only be reached by driving down a narrow, single track road with passing places, and there is no passing traffic.  The buildings are surrounded by block paved car parks, and on some days they are right under the glide path of planes coming in to the nearby airport: not today though.

The pond is a murky green colour, and there are lots of lily pads which are a waxy dark green gathered at the far end. Dark shapes of fish, at least a foot long, can be seen just below the surface, and every so often the dorsal fin, tail and part of the back of one or more pushes out from the water and into the air.  There are reeds around the fringes, and other tall, slim, once purple flowered plants abound too.  Many of the plants in the area have finished flowering and their heads are dying.  I’m not very good at identifying plants: I should learn about them really.

Surprisingly, there were very few birds, butterflies or insects to be seen.  However, I was delighted to see a red kite soaring over some of the other buildings.  There are a couple of farms nearby so I’m guessing that the raptor was looking for rats and other small animals which live in and around farms: preferably dead ones.  It’s lovely to see red kites up close: their colours and grace are impressive, and given that until about 30 years ago they were practically extinct in England it’s encouraging to see that their numbers are on the increase and they can be found all around the office now.

As mentioned, there is no passing traffic, and as our offices are at the end of the business park, no-one other than my colleagues park there.  No-one arrived, and no-one left, as I sat and relaxed, just watching the world go by.  A very peaceful interlude in a busy day.


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