It’s taken a while to write this…

That’s partly because procrastination is one of my middle names!  Given a finite period of time to complete a task, I will almost always wait until the last minute – sometimes even later – before starting it.  I thereby put a lot of pressure on myself, which you would think I would learn from and would plan things better.

Years ago, during an appraisal at work, my manager complimented me on my crisis management skills when dealing with an emergency.  I stayed calm and collected, and was able to direct effort in a measured and considered way.  In the same appraisal, he also noted that I seemed to leave everything to the last minute, but he didn’t like my reason for doing so – to demonstrate and practice my crisis management skills!  I thought that was a very creative response, so maybe procrastination is essential to creativity.

However, at work now I find that I’m planning things much better, and am actually planning time when I can be creative.  That seems to be working quite well too, so perhaps procrastination doesn’t have any bearing on my creativity,

Saying all of that, I don’t think I’m a particularly creative person, when compared to all the people I know who do craft work, who are musicians or artists.  In answer to the tweet above – I just don’t know what I believe about it.



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