Taking the plunge


Many many years ago, when I was a teenager, I spent a summer working in Norway.  I had an understanding boss, and managed to arrange to have a lot of afternoon shifts, starting at 2 or 3 and finishing late in the evening.  This may not sound ideal, but it did mean that I could spend the morning and early afternoon hanging out at an outdoor pool nearby.

The pool was surrounded by a park, and was very popular with young and old alike.  As the weather was warm, it was great being able to jump in the pool to cool off, and this pool had something else – diving boards! Ranging from 1m to 10m high, and with no rules as to whether you could jump off or whatever, there was a lot of fun to be had.  Jump off the top board? Took me a while to build up to it, but no problem!

When I got back home, I remember going to a local indoor pool.  It had diving boards, but these stopped at 5m.  And you could only dive.  So I was standing there, trying to build courage, because jumping is easy, when a little lad who must have been half my age came up onto the board.  He looked at me and said “Yir feart, urnt ye?” [translation from Scottish – “you’re scared, aren’t you?”]

Of course, I had to reply “No”.

And (also of course) he then had to say “Go on then, dive”.

So I did.  And it was epic.  A proper Tarzan swallow dive. Which I nailed!  No belly flop for me, no sir!  And at that time, it was one of the most sublime things I’d ever done or felt.

After that first dive, the fear was gone and you couldn’t stop me: not sure how I’d fare now though!

The image at the beginning of this story reminded me of that episode, hence I thought I’d share it.


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