Here’s a question. Is abundance always a good thing? The picture above may look like happy days for the rabbit, but isn’t it more likely that the majority of the carrots will rot before the rabbit can eat them?

The picture (and indeed the word abundance) remind me of an experience I had many years ago.  I’d gone into a pub in my town, part of a chain called Hungry Horse.  It was the first – and, as it turns out, last – time I would ever eat there.

I’m a reasonably big person, over 6ft tall and weighing just over 200 pounds, with what I thought was a healthy appetite.  I don’t think I managed to eat even half of what was on my plate, though I did move the food around to see that there was some sort of congratulatory message on the plate, which would have been my reward for eating everything.

And this is why I’ve never been back, never gone into any other pubs in the same chain.  The amount of food I wasted was scandalous. It could easily have fed another one (perhaps two) other people, and I felt so guilty for sending it back.  It made me so uncomfortable, to think of all the starving people in the world and there I was just handing food back to be thrown out.

The flip side – which I think is equally bad – is that if someone does finish off that size portion, what strain does it put on their organs, to properly digest it all? Eating oversize portions isn’t healthy and is one of the reasons why there is so much obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases in our society.

Obviously, what other people think about this sort of thing is their right, and I am not judging them for eating that way. I’m just saying that there has to be a better way of sharing the abundance of food we grow and consume every day, that there is no reason at all why anyone on this planet should go hungry.


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