Right, write. Or at least read and don’t be left [out]

I wonder how many of you have started to write blogs, diaries, stories – whatever – and have struggled at first. Not just with the discipline of writing regularly, but with finding your “voice”, with finding a tone and style which you are happy with.


I know that when I look back at my early efforts on here, they’re a lot different to what I write now.  Perhaps lacking in confidence, maybe missing a flow and consistency of style, I was I guess still finding out who my writing self was (is?).

The main reason I raise the question now is because of a couple of articles I came across yesterday.  This first one appears on inc.com and is all about the reading habits of successful people.  They all read voraciously, so is there a link between those habits and the volume and quality of ideas they have?

The second link is all about how writers themselves remain motivated, and what they do to continue writing.  I like the fact that one of their top tips is to read. A lot.  And make sure you read from a range of genres and styles.


Personally, I think I’ve only read one novel this year.  The other books I’ve read – or at least started – are more factual, mostly based around my profession or about lifestyle choices. I’m not reading as much as I should, but I do think that I get more than I used to out of the process.  Dee and I have a passion for bookshops, and particularly second hand stores.  It’s probably fair to say that between us we’ve bought a lot more books this year than either of us have read – but we’re working on it!


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