Deciding where to next…

Do you know what I tend to struggle with?  Having decided to go away for a night or more, and after we’ve worked out where we want to go, the biggest issue is – where should we stay?  I have to say I’ve done quite well in the past, but that just adds pressure to continue to do so.  I thought I’d share a couple of tips (and websites) which many of you will already know about, but just in case…

So, first port of call is booking,com.  Dee and I find that it has a good range of hotels and guest houses at all sorts of price points.  The descriptions on there are always accurate, and we found (by accident) that after several bookings we qualified for extra discount – I won’t complain about that!


As we’re looking at the various properties, we look at Trip Advisor to see what other people have thought of the place. Again, the reviews tend to be pretty accurate, though you do need to be a little wary.  Some people seem to like to complain about the smallest things, but those people are easy to spot in the reviews.


The last thing I do is – after we’ve been away – generally I’ll add a review on Trip Advisor myself.  I try to focus on the good things, and even try to report on the positives if something isn’t quite right.  I’ve only left one bad review – with photos to back it up – but on the whole we’ve had nothing but good experiences.

Apologies if you knew all this already, but if you didn’t, I hope you’ve found it helpful!


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