Hey You!


Do you know what makes something really valuable? Have you ever wondered why some things fetch large sums at auction? What makes them so sought after?

It hadn’t really occurred to me until the other day (Dee had written something like this which set me thinking), but it’s those things that are one of a kind such as first edition stamps and books, the only surviving costume a Hollywood star wore, the last remaining model of a particular car. They all seem to increase in value as their rarity and uniqueness increases.

Now think about this: in all of history, in all of time past, present and future, the atoms in the universe have coalesced in a particular way which  has not happened before and will never happen again.  They formed you, and even if you have an “identical” sibling there will only ever be one of you.  The atoms in the universe will never ever recreate another you.  You are unique, you will never be repeated.

That means that you must be (and are) incredibly valuable, incredibly rare, and therefore more precious and worth more than anyone can imagine.  When you’re feeling down, when you feel worthless, when you feel that you have no purpose, just think about that for a moment, please.

You are one of a kind: you are awesome.  Stand up and be proud. You are you, and no-one can ever take that away from you.


3 thoughts on “Hey You!”

  1. Hey Erik,
    You just saved my day with your post. Thank you so much. I needed to smile badly… me, I’m having a dilemma (do I break my engagement or not) and I really need an advice…
    If you can stop by and let me know what you think about the situation it would be really nice ❤
    (the last article: everything is falling apart)

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, and I’m glad you liked the article.
      I’m not sure I can give any advice really: our lives are in our own hands and we have to make our own choices.
      Personally, I spent a lot of time weighing up what made me happy and what made me sad, and decided to change the things that made me sad. It wasn’t easy, and those changes are still working out 2 years later, but I know that I made the right choices for me. Whether they’d be right for anyone else I can’t tell.
      I hope you find the peace and answers you are looking for.

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