How bad things can start – Image #136

Dee recently published a great article over on Helping You Sparkle, and for today’s post I’d just ask you to head over there and have a read.

I’ll warn you now, it’s about Domestic Abuse, how it can start and the effect it can have. Punches don’t have to be thrown for someone to end up in hospital. Please take the time to read it, share it, and together let’s try to do something to stop the perpetrators.


It can be seen from the image that this sort of behaviour can be cyclical, but what it doesn’t show is that it also escalates. First it may be verbal abuse, then it might be a push or a nudge, then it might be a “playful” slap, and before you know it punches and kicks, weapons etc. Once the escalation starts it’s unlikely to ever go back to a lesser level. The perpetrators rarely see their behaviour as wrong, and certainly don’t think of themselves as abusers.


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