DIY Flat(pack)ery – Image #131

Let me ask you a question or two. Do you like building flat pack furniture? Do you find it easy? If yes to both, did you build model aeroplanes, boats etc in your youth?


I have to say I love building the stuff. But then, I also like building Lego. And anything else that means you get to use tools. Or gadgets. Gadgets rock!

Today I bought a flat pack wardrobe, which only has metal rods and some canvas. Pages 5-9 of the instructions were missing. There were  at least 8 different configurations, according to the pictures on the box. It took about an hour, and I’m pleased with the results, though there was one downside. No tools were required, other than my brain! Not a single Allen key or screwdriver! Several points now missing off the fun factor!

There was a small amount of redemption about half an hour after I finished though, in the shape of Elliott, our cat. He had decided that sitting on top of the new wardrobe was the best place to be, though he did struggle to find a way down!


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