Too sacred to climb? – Image #130

Today’s news includes a story from the BBC about the possibility of creating a permitted route for people who want to climb Uluru, formerly known as Ayers Rock, in the Northern Territory of Australia.


Uluru is sacred to the Aboriginal people of the region, and it’s been illegal to climb it for several years.  The number of people climbing it has declined over recent years: I’m therefore a bit mystified as to why there’s now a need for an approved route.

My own opinion is that people should respect the wishes and beliefs of the Aborigines, and should not be clambering all over it. I know that I like to stand on top of hills and mountains, but this is sacred, it’s part if a much more ancient heritage and belief system than that found anywhere else on earth.  Climbing on it, intruding on it, is just not right.


3 thoughts on “Too sacred to climb? – Image #130”

  1. It’s not illegal to climb it, just preferred that people respect beliefs… As such, having one approved route may provide a compromise at least, rather than people still clambering everywhere.

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    1. My mistake, sorry: I’m sure that was how it was reported here in the UK. Even so, I’d respect the beliefs of the people around the area and would not climb it. Maybe that puts me in a minority, but I always think that respecting the beliefs and culture of the indigenous people is the right thing to do.

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      1. No, I don’t think that puts you in a minority at all! But there definitely groups that still climb it, so I think they are hoping to work out a scenario that somehow balances… Ultimately though, I think they’ll ban climbing – I’m surprised they haven’t already TBH…


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