Another spiral to climb – Image #124

Today’s our first day in Prague – we only arrived at our hotel around 0200 this morning – and we already love the place. So much to see and do, with beauty and astounding buildings around nearly every corner.

As is my usual style, I looked at the map for a bit and had a rough idea where we should go, but then left the map in the bag and wandered where my nose took me. Fortunately Dee was happy with that approach. With one minor course correction we found ourselves on the Charles Bridge (Karlov Most): it was awash with traders selling jewellery and souvenirs, some musicians playing different types of music, and a big selections of artists waiting to do portraits or charicatures.

We stopped on the other side for lunch, spent in a restaurant beside the river and almost in the shadow of the bridge, then crossed back into the Old Town. After detouring through part of the Jewish Quarter, we made our way to the Old Town Square.

The Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square is rightly famous, and is a thing of great beauty. Dee and I decided to climb the clock tower, and this was the view on the way up.


Its not so much a spiral staircase as a spiral ramp. There was a narrow spiral staircase at the very top, complete with traffic lights, to give access to the top of the tower and the balcony there, which gave clear views across the rooftops of the city. Yes, it was very busy with other tourists, and yes, we’d had a bit of a wait to see the views, but it was well worth it. I’d definitely recommend climbing the tower to anyone!


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