With great responsibility comes… Image #116

…great tiredness! Did you guess that? 🙂


While writing yesterday’s post I was reminded of a weekend in my late teens. I was pretty active as a youngster, and did a lot of hill walking etc in the Scouts. In my last year at school I did a Youth Leadership course, which involved a couple of weekends at an Outward Bound centre in the Galloway Hills. The intention was to do walking during the day and relax in the evenings, but invariably we got shocking weather and spent most days playing endless rounds of Twister.

During those weekends I got to know a guy who worked for the local  council, doing all sorts of youth activities. He asked me to help at a weekend he was organising at the same place, where he was bringing a group of youngsters who weren’t quite old enough to do their Duke of Edinburgh Awards (and who almost all had siblings who were). I agreed, thinking it would be quite an easy weekend: do a couple of short walks, drink coffee, enjoy the fresh air. Boy was I wrong!

On both days we walked maybe three or four miles at the most, and probably took two to three hours to do that. Yet each evening I was completely exhausted. I couldn’t understand it. I hadn’t even broken into a sweat walking, the terrain was easy on good paths, and I’d never walked so fast as to be breathless. I was fit and healthy, used to walking much further, for longer, up and down hills etc. So what was going on?

I finally twigged that it was responsibility that led me to be so tired. Having to keep an eye on all the youngsters, to make sure none had blisters, that none got hurt or left behind. It was all new to me and it wore me out, but it was a fabulous experience.


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