Never lose again – Image #112

I saw this while browsing Facebook earlier, and thought it was pretty cool. It doesn’t quite cover losing loved ones when they pass away, but in general I think it’s right.


I think you can see examples of this in nearly everything. How about this – please bear with me. Several years ago I was on a business trip to India, and to say it was hectic is an understatement. We left London on the Sunday evening, landing in Mumbai around lunchtime on the Monday. After a shower and a bite to eat we headed for the office, then back to the hotel for dinner. Next morning, it was on to Pune for a day of meetings then a flight to Bangalore in the evening, arriving at our hotel quite late. One of our party was by now suffering from having eaten something that didn’t quite agree with him. Bangalore office the next day then another evening flight to Delhi, which was delayed by two hours then, after having circled Delhi in a thunderstorm with lightning flashing across the sky all around us for over an hour, we were diverted to Jaipur to refuel before heading back to Delhi, to get to our hotel about 3am. After work the next day we got back to the hotel to find out they’d only recently opened and had no bar, so we checked out and moved to another hotel, where we only just caught happy hour, then home the next day.

On the flight back, my boss asked what I’d thought of the trip, the delayed flights, the storm, the stopover in Jaipur, the hotel without a bar,  the “Delhi belly” etc. I replied that for me it was all about the experience. We did what we set out to work wise, which was good, and the rest of it all made for an unforgettable trip.

I know of people who would have complained bitterly about every little setback, every minor change to plans, every inconvenience, ill health etc, but that’s not me.

Life is not a dress rehearsal, and I’m determined to make the best out of mine, taking in and rising above any “learning experiences” which come my way. I want to embrace life and all it has to offer, and am very glad that I now get to do that with Dee by my side.


5 thoughts on “Never lose again – Image #112”

  1. I think it’s good to try to be positive in the face of life’s challenges (even Delhi Belly when that happens)! I really liked the meme at the beginning of the post too. That’s a great way to think about it.

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  2. I loved this statement too. And, I too thought the same thing about it not applying to losing a loved one. Then I realized, that too is a learning experience on so many levels. We never truly lose a loved one but it teaches us so much about life & our particular connection with them…and all they taught us. We learn so much from their death, not just about our lives together but also how to process & grow emotionally. Either way, losing is always a learning experience.

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