New beginnings – Image #111

Today was my penultimate day in the office for a company I’ve been with since January 1995. There are people in my family who weren’t even born then! I realise that it’s very unusual that someone should stay with one company for so long, but then it’s also unusual to join a company which had 1,500 staff and leave one with over 80,000. In the intervening years I’ve had many roles, done many different jobs, worked for many managers and met some truly talented people. There have been personal growth opportunities galore, and for the most part I’ve taken them. It’s been an incredible journey, but I’m now absolutely ready to jump ship and take up a new challenge.


There are a number of emotions at play at the moment. Sadness, at leaving so many good friends behind. Fear of the Unknown. Worry that I don’t have the skills needed for my new role. Concern that I won’t fit in: what if they don’t like me? What if I don’t like them?

But wait, those negative thoughts and feelings are overridden massively. Excitement at the challenges ahead, the thrill of doing something new, meeting new people, learning new skills, exploring the wider world. Confidence that I will bring something new and positive to my employers, that my skills are unique and valuable. Perhaps most importantly, certainty that my decision to change now, after so long, is 100% the right thing to do.

It’s what I have to do, and will enable me to continue my voyage to true happiness which I started a couple of years ago.


3 thoughts on “New beginnings – Image #111”

  1. Congratulations – and bon voyage!! Enjoy your new adventure. I took a step off a ship I’d been on for 20+ years. It’s scary but wonderful. Have fun with it!

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