It’s only a matter of time – Image #108

One story that’s making the news at the moment is about an airliner which hit a drone somewhere over Richmond as it was approaching Heathrow. Reports say it was well over 1000 feet, and that the airliner was unscathed. Presumably the drone was obliterated.


I hadn’t realised that when you buy one of these things, there is no guidance, no formal training, no “official” instructions on where you can and can’t fly them.

But, most people have this thing called common sense, and I’m a bit mystified as to how this sort of incident can have happened. Surely it’s obvious that you should keep these away from other people, from flying objects like aeroplanes and other dangers? Do we really need instructions as to how to use these things safely?


3 thoughts on “It’s only a matter of time – Image #108”

  1. Mu husband just bought a drone and his comes with a feature that does not allow it to fly above a certain distance if an airport is nearby. I am not sure if his came with further instructions, but I know that he has done his HW to find out about using it safely and lawfully. If only more people did the same:/

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