My biggest shop ever! – Image #102

It’s been quite an exciting couple of weeks with one thing and another. I’ll share more about the other in another post I think, but the one thing is that I’ve just bought a new house! It’s the most I’ve ever spent on anything, so it’s a bit daunting but thrilling too.


I sold my old one a couple of weeks back and bought a new one over the weekend. It’s still being built so I won’t actually get to move in till the summer, but it’s very exciting nonetheless. Due to the laws here in England I won’t be counting my chickens until I’ve physically moved in to their coop, but Dee and I are able to start planning furniture, colour schemes etc with some degree of certainty now.

Do any of you know of any good sources on the web to look for ideas, other than Pintrest? I know it’s got loads of stuff but we’ve open minds and all we really want to do is create a warm, welcoming, calming space with positive energy.


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