Gripping stuff on BBC – Image #100

Who would have thought that a show such as Countryfile on the BBC tonight would have been so full of really interesting stories, and not one but two articles which were really inspiring and thought provoking.


The first was linked to the controversial Archers story on Radio 4 about domestic violence. We heard how 2 women a week die in the UK as a result of domestic violence. We also heard that 7% of women and 3% of men in rural areas are subject to it at some point.  And then we heard that in England very little seems to be being done, that the Welsh Assembly is leading the way. The whole piece was put together very well and raised some really good points.

The second story was around the show’s Farmer of the Year competition. Julia Evans was diagnosed with breast cancer 9 years ago and given 5 years to live. She’d been farming for years and decided that in the time left to her she wanted to do something for others, so she now runs a care farm. Troubled youngsters come in for one of more days and take part in farming activities. One lad had become an apprentice forester, and a girl had got a job at local stables but came to help on the farm regularly too: both had said they’d have been in a lot of trouble by now. I was really touched by this item, and thought it was wonderful that everyone sat round the lunch table together: it was obvious to see the positive effect it had on the youngsters.

If you get the chance, I’d recommend watching this show…


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