Music? I’ve got it taped. Image #95


Yes, I know I’m harking back far too many years, and there’s a risk that I’ll have to explain not only cassettes but also radio to some, but that’s ok I guess!

I know that many people used to record whole radio shows, but I was a bit more selective, only recording songs that I liked. I’m guessing that it was in the 60s and 70s that DJs got in the habit of talking over the intros and intros on songs, presumably to frustrate the home taping market.

As well as recording off the radio, I also used to make up endless compilations tapes from records.  When I think of all the time spent trying to find a song in my collection that was less than a certain amount of time, it’s scary! Those gaps of less then 2 minutes were always hardest to fill.


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