First flight – Image #92

Yesterday was a big day in our household. H was off to Florida with his dad and sister, and it was to be his first flight ever.  At the age of 12 he was going to do something his mum and I hvaen’t managed in our nearly 92 years on earth – he was going to set foot in the USA.  (Saying that, our nearest “overseas” country is France, and I’ve never been there either!)

A couple of weeks back Dee and I had been to Glasgow, and during that short flight we took some photos of the clouds far below.  On our return, we asked H if he wanted to see what it would look like from up in the sky, and he nonchalantly said he’d rather wait and see it for himself. Definitely playing it cool a couple of weeks ago, he’s been really excited the past few days.

I’ve not spoken to him, but he really enjoyed his first experience, first of all flying to Boston then down to Orlando.  He had a window seat and a bunch of films on his iPad so I’m guessing this image is pretty close!  To have a 7 hour flight as your first ever is pretty cool I think! Hope he enjoys the whole experience…


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