Aretha knew what she was singing about! – Image #88


R.E.S.P.E.C.T. 7 letters, but what a difference they make!

It seems like rarely a day goes by when I’m not amazed by the lack of respect people show to one another, even to their own family. It feels like those “old fashioned” values are being replaced by the cult of self.  Too many people seem to be inward focussed, hell bent on getting whatever they can out of life for themselves, with little or no thought for the effect of their actions and words on others. Cultivating and following those who shower them with money and gifts, ignoring those who have only care and love to give, but give it unflinchingly and unconditionally.

Maybe selfie sticks are a further reflection of that apparent drive to put one’s own thoughts and feelings at the centre of one’s life: there can’t be any one or any thing more important to photograph than oneself, can there?  Maybe they should be called “selfish sticks” instead?

Nope.  I’m alright Jack, that seems to be the prevailing sentiment.  How narrow minded and short sighted. What happens when the money runs out, or the gifts stop coming? What happens when you actually need help, need a friend, need support, and the money’s not there?  Who can you turn to then?

There’s an old adage, be careful what you wish for, and it seems to me that many people in this day and age wish for money, thinking it’ll make them a happier, better person.

Personally, I think that people with manners, who love unconditionally, and who care for others without expectation of anything in return, are so much richer in ways that money can’t buy, and are much more worthy of our time. They are the people who deserve our respect.


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