See what I mean – Image #87

OK, I’m having another catch up session.  But this one is worth it!  Have you seen my reading glasses?


Seriously though, one of the few things that I’ve really noticed changing about me as I get older is my eyesight.  It was years before I needed glasses, when I just needed them for distance: driving, watching TV, presentations, playing golf, that sort of thing.  Though the way I realised I needed them was quite funny (to me).

I’d been out during the week at a football match, and had been about 10 feet from the touchline for the whole game.  When I got home, the highlights from the game were on TV so I watched them.  Imagine my surprise when they showed a close up  of one of the players, who had spent all of one half right in front of me, and realised he had a beard!  In my defence, it was blonde / ginger, but even so. …

That was quite a few years back, and I now wear varifocals. I’ve heard people say they get motion sickness or can’t adjust to wearing them, but they’ve been brilliant for me.  I took to them straightaway.  I don’t wear them all the time, and the biggest mystery for me is still how to keep them clean: I never touch the lenses, but they always have fingerprints. I’ve no idea how!


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