Happy anniversary – Image #78

The other day I posted about being very excited, and this is why!


Yesterday was St Patrick’s Day, and for the 25th consecutive year, my favourite band played at Barrowland in Glasgow.  Stiff Little Fingers had decided that to mark the occasion they would film the event and sell the DVD, and that they would use fan pledges to fund the venture.  I duly pledged, and for my money got tickets and will have my name on the credits of the DVD (I did the same for their last album, No Going Back).

This was the first time I’d seen SLF in Glasgow since their “last ever” gig back in 1983, so Dee and I decided to make a weekend of it.  We flew up yesterday, had some lunch then wandered along to the Solid Rock Cafe.  There’s an auction of SLF memorabilia there every year, and the money goes to charity.  This year the auction raised over £3200, more than half of that coming from a raffle of a signed cross stitch of the band.

After the auction, we stopped off at Maggie May’s for some dinner then on to the venue itself.  The event was sold out, and the band were absolutely brilliant, as good if not better than I’ve ever heard them.  We sang our hearts out, pogoed and danced the night away and all too soon it was over.

A quick stroll back to the hotel, a cheeky nightcap and the day we’d been looking forward to for months was over.  Now we just have to wait for the DVD… I’m excited about that arriving too!


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