Frying tonight! Image #76

Isn’t it strange when you think of things that can give you nightmares?  There’s a lot of talk in this house about dreams and what they mean, and it’s only natural that nightmares should become part of that conversation.

As far as I can remember, I don’t have many nightmares these days, though when I do have them they seem to persist through the night and no matter if I get up, have some water, wander around etc they seem to return.

The earliest nightmares I remember were all as a result of me watching this comedy.


There’s a part where the “monster” is regenerated from just a finger, and that gave me sleepless nights for months afterwards.  I’ve no idea how old I was when I saw it,  probably 6 or 7, and never saw it again for years.  Of course, when I watch it now I see how silly it all was, but at the time it was really scary!

If you’re interested in learning more about dreams and their meaning, why not head over to Helping You Sparkle where you’ll find Dee’s site all about that topic.


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