It’s new toy time – Image #73

And what a toy!  Don’t ask me why, but I’ve been looking at Gumtree and eBay over the past few weeks, looking for a new toy to play with. I’ve also been visiting lots of music shops ogling bass guitars.  And yesterday, there it was – my ultimate bass, the one I’ve always wanted, in the shop right in front of me.  It was a MusicMan bass with black body, black scratch plate, pale neck, and I had the money to buy it so…. I walked out of the shop without it!

Not long after, over coffee, I was looking at the aforementioned websites when I saw not one, but two gorgeous, identical basses for sale, both pretty local.  And I had to have one!  They’re not black, they don’t have a pale wood fretboard, but they are stunning!


Long story short, I contacted one of the sellers (one bass came with a padded bag, the other didn’t – I went for the one with the bag) yesterday, and have just been to collect it today.  It sounds awesome, but may not be quite the right look for the rock and roll band I play with!

What do you think?  Hint: you think it’s awesome, right?  :o)


Oh, and that MusicMan bass, with the ultimate look that I want?  I’m still determined to have one, one day, but today is not that day!



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