A traditional London pub – Image #69

While dodging protesters and rain showers and protesters at lunchtime today, I passed The Albert pub on Victoria Street a couple of times.


It’s about a 60 second walk from my office, and over the last 20+ years I think I’ve been in it a handful of times.  It’s a pretty traditional establishment, lots of wood panelling, good selection of drought beers and a decent lunch menu. It takes up the whole of one end of a block of buildings, and disappears for quite a distance away from where I was standing.

What I’ve never really understood is why so many people stop to take a picture of it, especially from where I was standing.  I don’t think it’s particularly nice looking from this angle, it’s surrounded by higher and newer buildings, but still loads of tourists seem intent on capturing this image.  Maybe it’s the hanging baskets all around? Who knows…



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