Today I’m sad – Image #68

The reason for my sadness is nothing that’s going on in my private life, or even my professional life – well, not directly for me anyway.  The reason for my sadness is this:


It’s 2016, 102 years after the first International Women’s Day, and we still appear to need this day. Why? I repeat, we’re in 2016.

Surely the days of inequality and lack of parity should be a dim and distant memory? Surely there should be children growing up now who don’t remember a time when women were treated as second class citizens in some countries, or where there were glass ceilings in place in industry?

I’m always amazed when I meet people who don’t remember the Lockerbie Air Disaster, or when Bob The Builder was number one in the charts, or who are born in this century.  All of those people should also be unable to remember a time when International Women’s Day was needed.

The fact that numerous countries around the world have had female prime ministers is great, the fact that we should even have to comment on that is not so good.  I fervently hope that a day will come when the leaders of the world’s great powers like the USA, China and Russia are female, and that we won’t feel the need to comment on that fact.


3 thoughts on “Today I’m sad – Image #68”

  1. There is no equality for women and there won’t be until women can reproduce throughout their lifetime. It’s this simple biological fact that gives men the upper hand.

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