Now we’re talking! – Image #62

I’ve probably mentioned it on here before, but I’m listening to / watching a lot of TED talks these days.  One of today’s offerings was really interesting, in that it gave 10 hints on how to have a better conversation, and was presented by Celeste Headlee.  This image gives away number 10, though it was not the top or best tip of the lot.


I thought (cynically) that I’d just use it to grab your attention!

Personally, I liked numbers 6 and 9.  9 was about how important listening is, and listening with a view to understanding rather than replying at that.  6 was, well, see for yourself…

It’s unfair to choose one or two, as they were all really good points.  The whole thing is about 12 minutes, so don’t be shy, give it a watch!


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