Vintage Sounds – Image #59

I’ve recently joined a new band who play mostly rock ‘n’ roll and pop from the 50s, 60s and a bit of the 70s.  I won’t claim that those are genres that I’m hugely familiar with, though obviously there are quite a lot of songs that I’ve heard and have even played a few with other bands.  Anyhow, when out and about today I happened to be in a music shop –  one that sells CDs and DVDs rather than instruments – and I saw these collections for sale.


I bought them, as quite a few of the new numbers I have to learn are on them, and I thought that they might give inspiration for some other songs in the future.  Not that we’ll be looking at new numbers for a wee while, as I have quite a few new ones to learn already and our first gig is less than 2 months away!

What songs would you like to hear from those eras if you were out for an evening?  What would make you get up and dance?  Would any make you sing along?  I’m looking forward to playing a few and having a blast!


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