Think before you speak – Image #55

I saw this on Facebook the other day, “Liked” it, shared it, and decided to write about it!


I’m pretty sure I’ve written about this before on my blog, but I think (no pun intended) that it’s well worth writing about again.

In this day and age, it’s pretty easy to sit in judgement on those who look, dress, talk or act differently to ourselves.  It’s almost an automatic reaction, and the media seems to encourage that sort of behaviour.  Listen to any comedy shows on the radio or TV, and part of he humour is almost always at someone else’s expense.  Teasing people for your own amusement is pretty common – I used to do it often – but isn’t helpful, inspiring, necessary or kind.

It takes a little bit of effort, but putting some thought into what you say before engaging your mouth reaps huge rewards.  People start to see you as someone who cares, someone who is trustworthy, someone who is considerate: in short, you become someone they want to talk to and spend time with, rather than someone to be avoided.  They smile at you more often, especially if you smile back.  They’re more likely to be friendly rather than surly or outright hostile.

As I mentioned, it takes a bit of effort, and you need to keep a close eye (ear?) on what you say and how, but with practice it becomes “normal”.  And the best bit? You’re never too old to put it into practice.  Go on, give it a go.  You won’t regret it, I promise…


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