Roamin’ round a Roman Villa – Image #50

In my quest to post an image a day every day this year, day 50 of 366 has been pretty special.  As it’s half term here in England, and the schools are on holiday, Dee and I took H to Chedworth Roman Villa. He’s been learning about the Romans in class, so we thought this might be an interesting trip: it didn’t disappoint us.


Chedworth is run by the National Trust, and comes complete with museum, cafe and gift shop.  The museum is just in front of the inner gateway at the top of the picture, in a (slightly incongruous) Victorian house.  The cafe and gift shop, along with an activity area for youngsters where they can make jewellery, mosaics etc is off to the top left of the model above.

Obviously the roofs no longer exist, and for two weeks every year a bit more of the site it excavated, but it’s a fascinating place.  The small building at the top right is the nyphaeum, which was a water shrine.

The building at the top of the picture had a dining room and baths: the picture below is from the dining room.  The hole in the floor exposes the channels for underfloor heating, and the mosaic is exquisite, depicting myths associated with Bacchus – I guess that’s apposite.


Many of the rooms had mosaic flooring, and it’s staggering to think how much time and effort would have gone in to creating them.  Given that these were built around 2000 years ago, it’s remarkable.  It was a really interesting couple of hours, well worth a visit.  I suspect we’ll be there again soon!

As it’s Friday, I thought I’d share some Roman humour with you…



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