Model Jamming – Image #49

Tonight was my first “proper” rehearsal with my new band (I prefer to look at the last one as a kind of audition) and on the whole I think it went quite well.  Some songs sounded pretty good given that we’d never played them together before, and others didn’t sound so good, mostly because I didn’t know them well enough.

However, we took a break about half way through when our drummer needed a nicotine hit, so Stu the guitarist and I stayed in to jam a bit.  I was expecting some surf or rock ‘n’ roll stuff, but he asked if I knew The Model by Kraftwerk.  I do, but I’d never considered playing it.  Anyhow, 30 seconds of instruction on the bass line and we were off.  If I say so myself, it sounded pretty good.  I was delighted that I was able to pick it up so quickly (though admittedly it is easy) and am pleased to have a new song under my belt.





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