The secret of change – Image #48


This quote struck me as a very powerful truism.  The last year or more has brought a great deal of change for me, and, speaking from personal experience, it’s much better to direct your efforts towards building the new than worrying about the past.

As we know, some of the reasons people decide to change, or try to change, are because they’re unhappy with their life, with their lifestyle, with something.  Maybe they’ve been masking their true feelings, maybe they’ve been in a controlling relationship, or maybe they’ve realised that their goals and dreams can’t be attained the way they’re living.

Whatever the reason, once they embark on the change process, it can be a very scary place.  There’s a certain comfort to obtained from the familiar – “better the devil you know” – and that’s one of the reasons change can be so tough.  They may be tempted to go back to their old ways, but if they’re changing because they were unhappy then that’s not going to solve anything.  They’ll still be unhappy, unless what made them unhappy has changed or gone away.

I think it’s because of this – and again I can only speak from my own experience – that by harnessing the drive, energy and determination to change, you can leave the past and the reasons for change behind.

There’s no point in dwelling on the past, because you can’t alter what happened or how you reacted.  So why waste energy on it?  Look to the future, to how you want to be, to what you want to achieve, and put your heart and soul into doing right now what you need to in order to make those things happen.  All that matters is the present moment: seize it and make it work for you.  You are stronger than you think, and you’re not alone in trying to change yourself to be better and / or happier.


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