Happy Valentine’s Day – Image #45

Today is traditionally the day (in some cultures anyway) when lovers shower each other with gifts and cards and demonstrate their love for their partners in many different ways.

For my part, I bought my lovely Dee a Help for Heroes bracelet (I got one for myself too) because we both like to show our support for those who gave so much to protect our way of life, and a teapot.  How romantic is that?  Well, I get that to be honest, but it’s not just any teapot.  We’ve spent a lot of time in the last year or so at a Buddhist monastery called Samye Ling, and in the tea room there they use cute little coloured teapots with built in strainers for loose tea.  The fact that they say For Life, and Samye Ling is one of Dee’s favourite places meant that buying her one of those has earned me Brownie points I think.  Oh, and as she’s an archer, and her card had arrows on it, I’ve done well in the thoughtful stakes I reckon!

In return, Dee had made me a card, so it’s unique.  She’s just started making cards and is very talented I think.  I love my card, because there is no other card like it in the world, and that’s very special.  She also bought me a boxed compilation set of songs she was pretty sure I’d love, given that it’s called The Greatest Ever Punk and New Wave – The Definitive Collection.  As might be expected, I have some of the songs on it, but not all, so I’m delighted to have this to add to my collection.  I’m not sure I’d class the likes of Madness or The Specials in either genre, and there’s no mention of the Sex Pistols or The Clash, but all in all it’s a great selection of songs over 3 CDs.


Retailers in general and the card industry in particular try to make us feel guilty if we’re not being extravagant and to spend more and more money every year.  Personally, I don’t like that approach, and would much rather something that had taken thought, preparation and care.  Thoughtfulness and consideration for what the recipient might like is to me a lot more important than how much money was spent. I wonder what the price difference is for a bunch of roses bought yesterday compared to tomorrow….


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