#ItsNotOk – Image #37

I saw this on Facebook earlier and immediately shared it, then thought to myself that the message is important enough to be shared wider than just the few people on my friends list. It came from Bedfordhsire Police here in the UK, along with the image but the message is the same the world over. Not only is it not OK, it is NEVER OK.


It’s not OK to rape – and there are no excuses.

The way a person may dress doesn’t mean yes.

If a person is incapacitated due to drink or drugs it means they are vulnerable – not that they are ‘asking for it’.

Just because you’ve slept with someone before, it doesn’t mean you’re entitled to again. This is rape, and it’s never OK.

Common misconceptions still abound about rape, and Bedfordshire Police is committed to dispelling these myths as part of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week (1-7 February).

We need to talk about rape and what’s not OK.

Follow the hashtag #ItsNotOk to get involved in the conversation.


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