Reflecting on yourself – Image #34

I’ve been in quite a reflective mood recently, thinking about all the changes I’ve undergone and made happen over the last couple of years. I’ve removed a lot of negativity and replaced it with happiness and joy. I came across this quote by Rumi and it occurred to me that there’s a flaw in it – can you figure it out?


I’ve heard many variations of this, but they all say much the same thing. Why is it that it’s only the faults, the negative things, which you see reflected in others? Why aren’t the good, the happy, the positive things reflected as well? Is it because that’s not what we’re looking for? Are we better at seeing the bad and worse at seeing the good? Or are we predisposed to searching out the bad in everyone else, rather than the good?

Why do some people seem to want to feed on all the negative energy, to encourage us to be bitter, twisted, and unhappy? Why do they seem to take pleasure in other people’s distress? In my view, these people need our kindness, our care, and our compassion, but we need to be careful not to give them our heart or soul at the same time. They must be suffering in some way, but we may never be able to heal them. In order for us to heal them, they have to want to be healed, want to be helped, but that needs an acknowledgement from them that they could be in the wrong, are unhappy or that they need help: that’s not easy and for some is a step too far.

In my opinion, seeking out the good people, and the good in them, must be healthier for us than looking for the negatives. Having a positive frame of mind, and surrounding ourselves with like minded individuals makes us feel better about ourselves and the life we lead. Why wouldn’t we want that for ourselves and our loved ones? At the risk of going all Star Wars on you, let go your feelings of hate, of dislike: avoid the dark side, and embrace the light.

All you need is love,

love is all you need

Lennon / McCartney



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