How do you deal with spam? – Image #26

One of the books I’m currently reading is Dot.Con by James Veitch. It’s basically a collection of email conversations where the author – a comedian by trade – responds to some of the spam email which made its way into his inbox.


He’s obviously not alone in receiving spam messages: we all do.  It’s only the quality of our service providers, their anti-spam measures and also any tools that you may be running as part of your anti-malware packages that prevents your mailbox being flooded with unwanted messages.

If you’ve ever been tempted to reply yourself, then I guess there’s no need to waste time on it – just buy the book and see what transpires when you combine spammers and a vivid imagination.

I’ve not yet finished it, but two personal favourites include efforts to raise money for a snail farm (just how do you milk a snail?) and shipping gold with Solomon Oddonkoh – more on that in a moment.

I’ve recently started watching podcasts of TED talks on my to and from the office.  Solomon was the subject of a recent TED talk which I’d shared on Facebook, but I liked it so much I thought I’d share it here too!

While we’re on the subject of spam, have any of you had one of those calls purporting to be from Microsoft, telling you that they’ve detected a virus on your computer and for just a small fee they’ll help you to fix it?  Here’s Rory Cellan-Jones from the BBC, who not only received a call, but recorded it.  Enjoy!



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